25 August 2021


Foliarex Group would like to inform you that we are implementing an environmentally friendly plastic recycling process in its recycling plant, which will take place through the standardization of procurement and production processes. The abovementioned certification and program focuses on the traceability of plastic materials (throughout the entire recycling process […]
25 August 2021


Foliarex designs modern and ecological packaging that deliberately reduces the negative effects on the natural environment. Packaging made in accordance with the RecyClass concept are packaging designs that contain reused and processed packaging. The Foliarex Group is thus becoming a leader in Poland in the production of low-emission packaging for […]
25 August 2021


BRC IoP  – to meet the expectations of the Foliarex Group’s customers, as well as in regard with the investments carried throughout the company, we would like to inform you that we are in the process of implementing the BRC IoP certificate for our products. In October 2021, the company’s […]