Our approach to environmental protection and circular economy assumptions

  1. 90% of the assortment manufactured by the Foliarex Group are based on homogeneous recipes (based on polyethylene or polypropylene), which are fully recyclable.
  2. The level of production waste does not exceed 3% and is almost entirely recycled and used in the further production process.
  3. Foliarex Speciality Polymers is a company in the Foliarex Group that recovers over 90% of our waste. In addition, this plant conducts selective collection of plastic waste, returning to circulation more than 500 tons of used polyethylene per month.
  4. Most of the plastics we use are stored in silos and big-bags, which significantly reduces the use of polyethylene bags for raw materials packaging.
  5. Where the use of bagged raw materials is necessary, we conduct selective collection of raw material bags which are recyclable. This way we restore more than 50 thousand bags to circulation each month.
  6. Most of our heating devices have been equipped with thermal insulation coats, which significantly reduces heat loss and energy consumption in the technological process.
  7. Through systematic replacement of our machine park, we invest in
    energy saving technologies, reducing total energy consumption of our
    production process.
  8. We are constantly researching new materials that will reduce energy consumption by decreasing the processing temperature and sealing temperature of foil products.
  9. We offer our clients expertise in the field of energy saving through
    advanced foils with reduced processing temperatures (especially for
    packaging machines).