• Geostar Geomembrane owes its advantage over other products on the market to its unique properties:
  • Resistance to chemicals;
  • Aging resistance and UV resistance;
  • Very high physical and durability properties;
  • Microbiological resistance, which is very important e.g. in a waste environment;
  • Maximum tightness guarantee while making it easy to check the tightness of joints – thanks to modern HDPE film bonding methods.


  • The HDPE “Geostar” geomembrane is used to make water-tight and gas-tight screens and is used for:
  • Sealing and reclamation of landfills;
  • Screens of leachate tanks;
  • Ditches and drainage/retention tanks;
  • Seals within facilities related to the storage and distribution of liquid fuels;
  • Sewers and watercourses, levees and artificial water reservoirs;
  • Sealing of liquid manure tanks, concrete, reinforced concrete and steel tanks;
  • Sealing squares where the recycling of scrap vehicles is carried out;
  • Insulation of waterproofing elements of buildings in contact with the ground, i.e. retaining walls, abutments, communication tunnels, etc.