• high water vapour permeability due to which the membrane absorbs moisture and directs it outside through the ventilation gap.
  • completely watertight, protects the thermal insulation from the outside against rain or snow,
  • it allows application of thermal insulation up to the full rafter height,
  • wind barrier material
  • it has UV stabilizers, slowing down the aging process, caused by weather conditions,
  • the metallic top layer improves heat reflection.


  • it is a diffusion-open membrane, designed as a layer of preliminary covering for the external roofing.
  • it is also an excellent windproof material, intended for walls of buildings in skeletal structures.
  • due to the low Sd coefficient it is used in roofs with thermal insulation up to the full rafter height, in which it is laid directly on the insulation.
  • especially recommended for roofings located in places with high exposure to thermal radiation


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